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SHOOT: STAR TREK BEYOND Films On Its Crashed Spaceship Set — USS Enterprise? — at Vancouver’s Kent Hangar Field

stb khf 206 e-2

Star Trek Beyond began shooting on its massive crashed spaceship set — which is thought to be the USS Enterprise — at Vancouver’s Kent Hangar field on Monday, with more big green screens than I’ve ever seen in one place. Some of those big green screens are positioned simply to block views of the set from the street, as security patrols the fence to make sure there are no unauthorized photos now that filming has started.

Bridge of the spaceship thought to be the Enterprise now hidden from view by giant inflatable green screens.

stb khi ship e

Also hidden from view. The planet the spaceship crash-lands on — which resembles a scorched Squamish where Star Trek Beyond filmed in late June.

stb khf200 e

stb khf24 e

More wrecked spaceship with green screen on Monday night.

stb khf 400 e

Before filming.

stb khf12 e

Spaceship corridors ready for filming on Monday night.

stb khf 201 e-2

Work began on this crashed spaceship set in stealth several months ago, using old Kimball production signs from Tomorrowland — some hand-written. It worked for a while until the magnitude of the set became apparent. Who else could it be but Star Trek: Beyond?

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Star Trek Beyond’s production signs EUCLID on set at Kent Hangar field on Monday.

stb euclid sign e

Removed photos of what was thought to be a second Star Trek Beyond set in Richmond because it’s under construction for War For the Planet of the Apes, filming this Fall.

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