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LOCATION: ARROW’s Stephen Amell Chase Sequence in Vancouver’s Orpheum Theatre

This week’s Arrow episode, The Candidate, showcased Vancouver’s Orpheum Theatre. Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen stood among a crowd in the lobby and then chased a villain up the stairs, over a balcony and across the main stage of the historic concert hall, built in 1927. Arrow crew shot this chase sequence on August 5th this summer, as well as its denouement in the alley behind.

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arrow tr213

Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen leaps over a  balcony in his signature WWE move.

arrow orpheum2

Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen runs across the Orpheum stage. You can see the Czechoslovakian crystal chandelier suspended from the ceiling.

arrow-orpheum e

My photo of Conan O’Brien performing in the Orpheum Theatre in 2010.

orpheum theatre conan

Check out the BC Entertainment Hall of Fame site for its next tour date of the Orpheum Theatre.



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