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OSCARS: Four Vancouver Key Grips Awarded Technical Achievement Academy Award Last Night for Inflatable Green Screens

star trek aerial view

Green air walls surround crashed Enterprise set for Star Trek: Beyond on Vancouver’s Kent Hangar field last year.

The film industry’s Bouncy Castle? That’s what one of the Vancouver key grips who invented it, jokingly calls their creation. But it’s much bigger than that. Last night David McIntosh, Steve Smith, Mike Branham and Mike Kirilenko were awarded a Technical Achievement Academy Award in Los Angeles.

I first saw their Air Wall at Kent Hangar field in 2013 when Godzilla used it as a 720 foot visual effects wall with Golden Gate Bridge railings and street lamps in front.


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And San Francisco debris.


Next: inflatable blue screens for Tomorrowland in 2014 at the MacMillan Space Centre.

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And then at Kent Hangar field again last year surrounding Star Trek: Beyond’s crashed U.S.S. Enterprise set.

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Shards from the crashed Enterprise.


And this year at the War For The Planet of the Apes prison set in south Richmond.


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wftpota100-2 e

wftpota101-2 e

Big budget movie with visual effects? Look for the Air Walls. They’ve become an industry standard.

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