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START: Hulu’s Dark Dramedy SHUT EYE With Jeffrey Donovan Began Filming Today in North Vancouver

From Extant creator Les Bohem, Hulu’s new dark dramedy Shut Eye about Los Angeles store front psychics started filming today, on location in North Vancouver’s Grouse Inn. Failed magician and psychic conman Charlie Haverford (Burn Notice’s Jeffrey Donovan) runs a group of fortune tellers for a Romani organized crime syndicate headed by Fonzo (Anugus Sampson). A blow to Charlie’s head makes him re-evaluate his life and consider breaking away from this dangerous underground world. KaDee Strickland and Isabella Rossellini co-star.

Jeffrey Donovan in Burn Notice, which ran for seven seasons on the USA Network. Burn Notice image.

shut eye jd e

Burn Notice quotes.

shut eye mw quotesshut eye

Jeffrey Donovan’s recent turn on Fargo season 2. Fargo image.

shut eye jd2

The Hulu Original series started filming today  in metro Vancouver and is expected to wrap July 19th (dates subject to change), according to the Directors Guild of Canada-BC production list.


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