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PREMIERE: WAYWARD PINES Season 2 With Jason Patric Premieres Tonight on FOX & Around the World

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International sci-fi hit Wayward Pines premieres its second season tonight on FOX and around the world. Will it be as successful as the first? It depends. Was production smart to replicate the plot of a man waking up in this strange little Idaho town and slowly discovering that he is some two thousand years in the future in 4032 where mindless killers called Abbies (aberrations) rule the Earth?  Or is the mystery and suspense gone? Jason Patric is surgeon Dr. Theo Redline, who is pitched a proposal in the 2000s to save a thousand lives by Terrence Howard’s Arnold Pope.

Screen cap of Wayward Pines teaser.

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Over 10 episodes last summer, we learned that Wayward Pines was created by Dr. David Pilcher (Toby Jones), who foresaw the apocalypse of mankind and snatched up one thousand people to put in suspended animation for two thousand years as the rest of humanity mutated into mindless killers dubbed Abbies (aberrations). Disappointed by the rebellion of Group B — the second test group — and of his sister Pam (Melissa Leo). Pilcher let the Abbies overrun the town in the season finale,  dooming everyone but The First Generation of children. Secret service agent Ethan Burke (Matt Dillon) died to save his former mistress Kate Hewson (Carla Gugino), wife Theresa (Shannyn Sossamon), son Ben (Charlie Tahan) and others from slaughter but was it all for naught? By the time Ben woke up in hospital three years later, The First Generation born in Wayward Pines was in charge led by Class 1 leader Jason Higgins (Tom Stevens)  who practices what Pilcher preached — public reckonings to keep the adults in line.

Wayward Pines Academy principal Megan Fisher (Hope Davis) and brainwasher of the First Generation returns as powerful as ever in season two, but is confined to a wheelchair. New to The First Generation is Kacey Rohl’s Kerry Campbell.

Also new to season two is Djimon Hounsou’s town historian CJ Mitchum and Nimrat Kaur’s architect Rebecca, Theo’s wife.

wwp 2.5 e

Other season one cast will appear in cameos and flashbacks about the origins of the town.

Here’s David Pilcher (Toby Jones) in season two, filmed in Yaletown.

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wwp prix for twitter-2

And a flashback with Megan Fisher (Hope Davis) and Tim Griffin’s  Seattle Secret Service boss Adam Hassler.

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wp al2-2

Wayward Pines gave fans a first look at season 2 at WonderCon.

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The Wayward Pines season one set in Agassiz was torn down two years ago.


And rebuilt this year on the Canada Motion Pictures Park back lot — the Watchmen set — in south Burnaby

wwp 2

Clapboard from Day One of filming season two.

wayward pines s2

M. Night Shyamalan is still overseeing production and author Blake Crouch is still involved, but season one show runner Chad Hodge has moved on, replaced by Mark Friedman.

Wayward Pines started filming its second season in metro Vancouver on March 1st and is expected to wrap June 24th (dates subject to change) according to the Directors Guild of Canada – BC production list.

Wayward Pines season 2 premieres on May 25th on FOX and around the world.


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