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SHOOT: POWER RANGERS Movie’s Red Ranger Suit in Action in Steveston

power rangers rr e-2

Run Red Ranger Run. Power Rangers shot some pickup action scenes today in Steveston with the Red Ranger (stunt double Francis Limoges) in his suit. It’s the first and likely only time we’ll see the official Weta costume in motion here. It looked good.  Better than the glossy official photo in Entertainment Weekly a few weeks ago.

power rangers movie new suits

In this afternoon’s stunt sequence, the Red Ranger fights the Putty monsters to come to the aid of his father in the blue pickup truck.

power rangers rr3 e-3

Red Ranger and green screen Putty monsters.

power rangers rr1 e-2

power rangers r15-2

power rangers r13-2

Closeup of suit.

power rangers rr20-3

Putty monsters at rest in their motion-capture suits.

power rangers r10-2

power rangers r21-2

Stunts with a rain tower on a fishing trawler at Garry Point Park.

power rangers wrap3-2

power rangers wrap1-2

Power Rangers has been filming in metro Vancouver — with a couple of weeks in Kamloops — since February 29th. Cast and crew had their wrap party on Sunday night and production is expected to wrap [Thursday].





5 thoughts on “SHOOT: POWER RANGERS Movie’s Red Ranger Suit in Action in Steveston”

  1. Great to see one of the new suits up close. Looks a lot better than the digital image released a few weeks ago. So much detail to it, I love it! I can’t wait to see the film!

  2. OMG!! the letters on the green suit stunt guys to tell them apart in that one shot are “K” & “Y” !!

    ON SET …

    Director: “Hey, where’s K Y?! Someone go find K Y !! I need K Y for this next shot!!”

    1st AD: (over walkie) “Bring K Y to the set for the director ASAP! The Director needs K Y now!!”

  3. I hoping that this new film will bring some of my favorite things of the power rangers…
    1. the morphing effects
    2. the zords
    3. the transformation to megazord
    4. the fight

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