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NEW SERIES: Noah Hawley’s X-Men Standalone LEGION With Dan Stevens to Film in Vancouver This Summer/Fall

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My name is Legion for we are many! – Legion.
Noah Hawley’s X-Men standalone Legion will film the rest of its 8-episode FX series in metro Vancouver this Summer/Fall, after shooting the pilot here in the Spring.What’s it about? X-Men founder Charles Xavier’s son David Haller (Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens) is multiple-personality mutant Legion, whose personas have hundreds of different powers. His is the story of someone in and out of psychiatric institutions who “doesn’t know what’s real and what’s not real”. Is David a schizophrenic with a mental illness or is he a mutant with powers? After a strange encounter with another patient Lenny (Aubrey Plaza), David comes to realize he could be a  mutant and the voices in his head might be real.
Other characters: his therapist Melanie (Jean Smart) and Syd (Rachel Keller). Jeremie Harris, Amber Midthunder, Katie Aselton and Bill Irwin co-star.
What intrigued Noah Hawley about the X-Men franchise? He told the ATX Festival today that “they were the kids who didn’t fit in and they were the outsider….more interesting to explore the existential question of what it is like to be different.”
Legion the series is expected to film from August 15th to November 2nd (dates subject to change), according to the Directors Guild of Canada – BC Production List. Production codename: Clubhouse.
And to premiere early in 2017 on FX.

2 thoughts on “NEW SERIES: Noah Hawley’s X-Men Standalone LEGION With Dan Stevens to Film in Vancouver This Summer/Fall”

  1. I certainly hope they correct the mental illness diagnosis fallacy that is listed here. Schizophrenia consists of delusions & hallucinations, not multiple personalities. Multiple personalities are characteristic of Multiple Personality Disorder, which currently is termed Dissociative Identity Disorder.

    Not sure if this misinfo came from DC marketing department or your own writer.

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