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COMIC CON: Trailer for Noah Hawley’s LEGION With Dan Stevens As Multiple-Personality Mutant

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He believes he’s mentally ill. But he may be the most powerful mutant we’ve ever encountered.

Legion debuted its first trailer at San Diego Comic-Con today. It features Dan Stevens as troubled David Haller (Charles Xavier’s son), a multiple-personality mutant Legion, whose personas have hundreds of different powers. I saw a key sequence from the trailer filmed on the Main Mall at the  University of British Columbia campus in late March with Dan Stevens on set.

legion 1

legion ubc2

legion ubc4

In and out of mental institutions since his youth, David doesn’t know what’s going on. Is he a schizophrenic with a mental illness or is he mutant with powers? Both.

From Fargo’s Noah Hawley, Legion will film its series in metro Vancouver this summer and Fall.

Legion will premiere on FX in 2017.

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