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SHOOT: PRISON BREAK’s Michael (Wentworth Miller) & Linc (Dominic Purcell) at Sara’s House in Vancouver

@wentworthmilleractorwriter @jcmygatt , Nelson Maccormick … It’s a rare for an actor to be surrounded by such talent. Nelson is the best director I have ever worked with JC Is best director of photography I’ve ever worked ( he lights the show sets the mood) @pscheuring Is best writer I’ve ever worked with and of course my bro Wentworth. Shows like PRISON BREAK just do not come along very often. A show that captures a world wide audience, a show that is bigger than 24 bigger than x files a show that is the only show in the world including movies that is on every #netflix globally and recommended top 5 viewing. Hence the reboot. Its popularity has doubled. At prison breaks height it had a world wide audience of a billion people now with net flex PRISON BREAK has captured a younger audience, a younger generation. My son couple years back said dad #gameofthrones is best show ever. I said ” you haven’t even seen PRISON BREAK”. After a week in his room watching PB. He said ok. Prison break is better. Enough said. Ps. What’s funny. #Hollywood had no idea. Haha.

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Michael and Linc. Why are they at Sara’s house in New York State at night? Prison Break shot Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell for the last time together in season 5 at a house in Vancouver’s Shaughnessy on Thursday night. Purcell wrapped sometime after midnight. And Miller is expected to wrap sometime Friday.

Prison Break — which ran from 2004 to 2009 on FOX — is a series about brothers Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) and Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) who take turns breaking each other out of prison. In the 9-episode revival Lincoln and Michael’s widow Sara team up after they discover Michael is still alive in a Yemen Prison. They plan a big breakout with the help of former prison inmates C-Note, T-Bag, Sucre and others. Prison Break spent almost three weeks filming Michael, Lincoln and C-Note (Rockmond Dunbar) in Morocco as Yemen while Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies) remained with her son Michael Jr. and new husband (Mark Fuerstein) in metro Vancouver as New York State. And now Michael and Linc are back in America.

Director Nelson MacCormack greets Wentworth Miller on arrival at Sara’s house, played by a Shaughnessy home on West 19th Avenue.

prison break ml2-2

And Director of Photography Jeffrey Mygatt greets Dominic Purcell.

prison break ml3-2

This is the New York State house where Sara lived with her new husband and Michael Jr., her son with Michael. Blacked out windows at the back appear to be Michael Jr.’s room.

prison break ml20-2

Crew lays blue carpet for a scene of Lincoln running up the stairs.

prison break ml7-2

prison break ml15-2 prison break ml19-2

Setting up a balloon light in the back yard. It looks extra terrestrial.

prison break ml9-2

House and yard lit up for night shoot.

prison break ml5-2

Prison Break season 5 wrap party is on Saturday night.

And filming is expected to wrap Monday, July 11th, in Vancouver.

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