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SHOOT: BATES MOTEL Final Season Night Shoot at House/Motel Set in Aldergrove


Bates Motel final season had a night shoot at its motel/house set in Aldergrove tonight, with rain towers that looked like a War of the Worlds alien looming above the Bates Motel sign.


Starting off in the motel office.





6 thoughts on “SHOOT: BATES MOTEL Final Season Night Shoot at House/Motel Set in Aldergrove”

    1. I only stopped for 10 minutes and didn’t walk as far as where they were filming. Just wanted a few photos of the house and motel sign lit up. I won’t be back anytime soon so you’ll have to rely on others to give you updates.

  1. If Rihanna is filming today , I know it’s high security , but if the media was everything under control maybe it’s best to keep it a secret by not posting the filming dates on
    Here , and if Rihanna is coming to
    Film on bates let’s keep it private!! Then problem
    Will be solved and have blocks and not let the public know what’s filming and where!

      1. I said it would be locked down in my tweet. It was a For Your Information only tweet. Not an invitation to go. Bates Motel has locked down its Aldergrove motel and house set for several seasons now.

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