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SHOOT: End-of-the-World Comedy NO TOMORROW’s Couple (Tori Anderson & Joshua Sasse) Strike Another Item off His Apocalyst in Downtown Vancouver


What item is on Xavier’s “Apocalyst” today? Upcoming CW end-of-the-world comedy No Tomorrow filmed a stunt of Xavier driving a blue jeep up onto the pavement to arrive in style at a Seattle event — the book signing for A Field Guide to the Cosmos. What’s No Tomorrow about? Uptight quality-control assessor Evie (Tori Anderson) falls for free-spirited Xavier (Joshua Sasse), who lives life to the fullest because he’s calculated the world is coming to an end in a little less than nine months. Is he crazy? Or is a runaway asteroid about to smack into the planet? Evie decides to roll with it and help Xavier tick off items on his bucket-list-style Apocalyst. Sarayu Blue, Amy Pietz, Jesse Rath and Jonathan Langdon co-star.

no tomorrow e
Tori Anderson and Joshua Sasse take a selfie in downtown Vancouver ahead of their stunt driving.



No Tomorrow filmed this stunt in two takes on the 1000 block of West Hastings Street in downtown Vancouver.





Other scenes involved the Seattle police department.

No Tomorrow ad in New York City’s Times Square.


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