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WORLD PREMIERE: COLOSSAL With Anne Hathaway Screens at TIFF – Toronto International Film Festival – Tonight


Godzilla mashed with Being John Malkovich? Colossal, with Anne Hathaway as a woman whose mental breakdown is strangely connected to a giant Lizard terrorizing Seoul, Korea, has its world premiere tonight at the Toronto International Film Festival. What’s it about? Gloria’s boyfriend (Dan Stevens) kicks out the unemployed party girl, forcing her to slink back to her hometown where she rekindles a friendship with childhood buddy Oscar (Jason Sudeikis) and drinks to last call every night with him and his pals (Tim Blake Nelson and Austin Stowell).  Afterwards she stumbles home via a playground-sandbox shortcut and then sleeps through the day until it’s time to party again.

Anne Hathaway at Langley’s Portage Park. No wonder she looks so un-Anne Hathaway-like. She’s playing drunk.


Written and directed by Nacho Vigalondo., Colossal filmed much of its movie in Langley with Portage Park as the playground-sandbox shortcut and a house on Glover Road as the place where Gloria sleeps it off. Downtown Vancouver’s Harbour Green Park played a Seoul subway station where the Godzilla-sized kaiju lays waste.


colossal monster64-2

colossal monster65-2

colossal monster-2

Crew set up the subway station with fake debris.

colossal monster0-2

How is Gloria connected to these events halfway around the world?

World Premiere of Colossal at 9 p.m. (ET) at the Toronto International Film Festival tonight.


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