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VIFF TALK: Emmy Winner Tatiana Maslany of ORPHAN BLACK & THE OTHER HALF


Sarah. Beth. Alison. Cosima. Helena. Rachel. Krystal. M.K. — some of the Leda Clones on Orphan Black.

Tatiana Maslany plays multiple clones on the Toronto-filmed genre hit Orphan Black, but the actress herself is singular. So articulate. So empathetic. She recently won an Emmy for her work on Orphan Black — the first time a Canadian has won for a Canadian show, as she put it.

And tonight The Other Half, a film she made with her other half Tom Cullen, is screening at the Vancouver International Film Festival. Details here. “We got to fall in love again. We got to meet each other for the first time,”  she said of working with her boyfriend on such an intimate level during his 2 week hiatus from his series. “It was like very kinky role play.”


Hollywood Reporter’s Tim Goodman sat down with Tatiana Maslaney this afternoon for a VIFF Talk in the Rio Theatre.




Q&A with the fans.


Maslany was swarmed — in a good way — by the Clone Club and other fans at the end.

Tatiana Maslany wins Emmy.

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