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FAN EXPO VAN: ARROW & THE FLASH’s Diggle, Malcolm Merlyn, Dinah Lance, Damien Darhk, Iris West, Harrison Wells & Julian Albert


It’s been an Arrowverse weekend at Fan Expo Vancouver but without the show leads — Arrow’s Stephen Amell didn’t return this year. The Flash’s Grant Gustin and Supergirl’s Melissa Benoist don’t do fan conventions yet. And Legends of Tomorrow’s Caity Lotz cancelled. But they had extremely entertaining replacements.

Representing Team Arrow: Arrow’s #2 David Ramsey, villain Neal McDonough, Doctor Who/Torchwood star John Barrowman — who filled a ballroom again for his one-man performance — and Doctor Who star Alex Kingston. Ramsey is the only person other than Stephen Amell who has appeared in all 100 episodes of Arrow.


Representing Team Flash: Candice Patton & Tom Cavanagh stepped up at the last minute for a Q&A and Harry Potter star Tom Felton — who plays new CSI Julian Albert on The Flash — filled a ballroom on Sunday.

Tom Felton instagram.


Cast hijinks.

“Fart in my mouth and prove it.” — Stephen Amell to John Barrowman on season 4. Amell told the set story of Barrowman claiming that his farts don’t stink at last year’s Fan Expo Vancouver. Fans followed up this year asking Barrowman and David Ransey about the story. Barrowman tells it best, acting out his attempts to hold in his farts during a take while telling Ramsey it will be OK if he can’t because his farts don’t stink. After the director yells Cut, Amell — who’d heard it all in the background — turns around to Barrowman and demands: “Fart in my mouth and prove it”. Silliest people on Arrow sets — John Barrowman, David Ramsey and Stephen Amell, according to Ramsey.


John Barroman told aanother Stephen Amell story. He and Amell were on the same flight somewhere with Amell sitting up near Alex Kingston. Amell texted Barrowman to say how pretty she was in person. So Barrowman did a quick search, found a photo of Kingston naked and sent it to Amell’s phone.

“That is not funny Grant Gustin.” — Candice Patton to Gustin. Patton says Gustin pranks people by pretending to walk into things and then screaming violently and falling to the ground. He’s “so good at physical humour and comedy” that he never hurts himself doing it.


Grant Gustin and Tom Felton go off script a lot. Their budding on-screen bromance has a hashtag already #AlbertAllen. Don’t know of an off-screen hashtag yet. Felton says his CSI character Julian Albert is always right and a bit of a knob.


Monday with Tom F.

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HR Wells has a thing for Iris and flirts with her in S.T.A.R. Labs. Iris shuts him down — “My boyfriend’s right there.”

Four-way crossover:
It’s very difficult to organize one show. Even more difficult to do two shows at once, especially with leads crossing over. Four shows….it can’t be done. — Tom Cavanagh about  how Arrow, The Flash,  Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl production offices achieved the impossible “One of the biggest puzzles”.
You’re going to see Supergirl in a hangar with 17 other people — Tom Cavanagh about filming 4-way crossover in Boundary Bay Airport hangar.
Quite draining for Grant (Gustin) — Candice Patton.
The Flash musical crossover with Supergirl:
The Flash already a musical. We just don’t film it — Tom Cavanagh. Cavanagh, Carlos Valdes and Tom Felton play guitar on set during breaks. “Carlos is Lin-Manuel Miranda [Hamilton]” of his generation. And Jesse L. Martin is a Broadway star of his generation, headlining in Rent.
Maybe they could call on John Barrowman for musical crossover. He brought Ballroom A to tears with his performance of A Thousand Years.


My favorite crew to hang outside men’s bathrooms with @cavanaghtom @candicekp @cwtheflash #teamflashbitches

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