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NEW MOVIE: HUMANITY BUREAU With Nicolas Cage is Filming in the Okanagan

Nicolas Cage has been spotted filming The Humanity Bureau in Osoyoos.

Filming dates: November 25th – December 22nd.

What’s it about?

The year is 2040. Global warming has turned parts of the American midwest into a desert. The world economic recession is in its 30th year. In the name of fairness and transparency, a Federal Government agency known as the Humanity Bureau has been established to investigate, rate and, if necessary, relocate all unproductive citizens to New Eden, a colony beautifully advertised as a 50’s resort-style Americana. But there are whispers about New Eden and not everyone accepts their assessment peacefully.

Cast: Nicolas Cage, Sarah Lind, Jakob Davies and Hugh Dillon.

Directed by Rob King based on a script by Dave Schultz.


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