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SEASON FINALE: AFTERMATH Series With Anne Heche & James Tupper. Filmed in Langley, BC.


Did all the Copelands survive the season finale of Aftermath? It doesn’t look like it.

In the thirteen-episode Canadian sci-fi thriller series Aftermath, the Copeland family — Dad Joshua (James Tupper), Mom Karen (Anne Heche), daughters Brianna (Taylor Hickson) and Dana (Julie Sarah Stone) and son Matt (Levi Meaden) — try to survive a biblical-style apocalypse on Earth with doomsday meteors, mass vanishings, demonic possessions and serpent gods?


A skinwalker taking Brianna (Taylor Hickson) in the season premiere set the tone for series.



The rest of the family piles into the RV to look for her.

They eventually reunite and no matter how bad things got, it looked like the best summer ever outside. Aftermath was out in the sun on location in Langley, B.C., almost every day from May to September this year.



Filming in Langley



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