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STREAMING: Canadian Sci-Fi TRAVELERS With Eric McCormack on Netflix

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Showcase and Netflix’s 12-episode new series Travelers starring Eric McCormack from writer/producer Brad Wright (Stargate SG1) is about people from the distant future who can project their consciousness back in time and into some unsuspecting person just before their recorded death. Not only do they take over the body, they assume the life using digital records and social media to learn what they’re getting into. Why do they do this? To change history and save the world from a future where the Earth’s population has dwindled to almost nothing
The first of this group to arrive is the medic who inhabits the body of Marcy (Mackenzie Porter), whose social media profile didn’t reveal how mentally-challenged and seriously ill she is. David (SG1’s Patrick Gilmore) is Marcy’s social worker. The team’s historian ends up in heroin-addicted college student Philip (Reilly Dolman); the engineer in  high school quarterback Trevor (Jared Paul Abrahamson) and the tactician in a single-Mom-in-an-abusive-relationship Carly (Nesta Marlee Cooper). The team leader takes over FBI agent Grant MacLaren (Eric McCormack) at the end of the season premiere.
The travellers quickly discover that the lives and emotional connections that come with the new bodies are as much a challenge as their missions.
Nick Hurran directed the premiere, which started filming in late March in metro Vancouver and the series wrapped in the summer.

Filming in metro Vancouver.

Opening scene of Marcy cleaning at the Bing Thom-designed Surrey Central Library. Screencap.


David (Patrick Gilmore) at Del Mar Inn.


Trevor (Reilly Dolman) outside the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.



Grant (Eric McCormack) in recognizable downtown Vancouver. Screencap.


Travelers is streaming now on Netflix in the United States. And airing on Showcase on Monday nights in Canada.

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