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SERIES FINALE: BATES MOTEL Tears Down Gothic House & Motel Set


Friday morning.

bates motel teardown e-3

Goodbye house. Bates Motel started tearing down its gothic house set in Aldergrove on Wednesday, January 25th. Update: And then bulldozed the motel set. Production had offered to leave the motel standing but the township of Langley declined.

Early Wednesday morning. Crew that built the house arrives to begin tearing it down.

bates Motel house tearing down e-3

Mid-afternoon. Windows gone.

Tuesday was the last shoot at the house and motel set. I’d heard it might be and drove out to mark the occasion.

bamo last day-2

bates motel last day7-2

bates motel last night-2bamo last night-2

Bates Motel’s fifth and final season premieres February 20th on A&E.

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