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SHOOT: Uh-oh Norman. New Sheriff & Other Police Turn BATES MOTEL In Aldergrove Into Crime Scene — Again

bates motel cs e (2)

Uh-oh Norman. White Pine Bay law enforcement is digging up bodies today at Bates Motel. And across the street in the woods. How many bodies are there? As a boy, Norman unknowingly killed his father Sam, who was abusing his mother Norma (Vera Farmiga). As a teen, Norman in his Mother personna killed his teacher Blair Watson, slitting her throat at her home. Norman (Freddie Highmore) was suspected in her death but Norman-as-Mother passed the polygraph. After Miss Watson, Norman pushed his friend Cody’s father down the stairs to his death but that was ruled an accident. Norman-as-Mother killed his friend Bradley Martin in the woods but disposed of her body by sinking her car in the bay. Next Norman-as-Mother strangled his friend Emma Decody’s absent mother Aubrey Ellis at the house. Is it her grave they’re filming at today? Last season in the penultimate episode, Norman killed his own mother Norma in what he thought would be permanent carbon-monoxide-induced sleep for both. But he unexpectedly survived. In total denial and desperate to get her back, he dug up her corpse and brought Norma home.

Bates Motel mother son e

What happens in the two years after her death? How many more will Norman-as-Mother kill in the final season? Is one of the bodies Marion Crane (pop star Rihanna)’s?

New Sheriff Jane Greene (Brooke Smith)

bates new sheriff


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And why do people keep checking in?

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When I left Bates Motel cast and crew were digging up more bodies in the woods across the street.

bates motel across street2 eDoes law enforcement finally catch up with Norman in the final season? Is it Norman on trial in the court rooms south of the Vancouver Art Gallery where Bates Motel filmed last week? I’m still fond of Norman but at some point Mother will take him over completely. Where better than a trial? Still it wouldn’t be Bates Motel without some surprise twists. Maybe Norman will get away with it — again.

bates motel courtroom e (1)

Tonight Bates Motel and its stars Freddie Highmore and Vera Farmiga are nominated for People;s Choice Awards:

bates motel pca

Update: All three won.

Bates Motel’s fifth and final season premieres February 20th on A&E.

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