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TCA NEWS: GRODD Returns to THE FLASH in 2-Parter & Music Meister Introduced in Musical Crossover With SUPERGIRL

Remember when Gorilla GRODD got sucked through a vortex (filmed under Vancouver’s Granville Bridge) into Gorilla City in The Flash season 2?


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GRODD is back in season 3. We will see the adventures of GRODD in Gorilla City in an upcoming The Flash two parter — episodes 13 and 14 — producers told the Television Critics Association (TCA) winter press tour. Keith David will voice Solovar the wise and psychic-powered leader of Gorilla City. One of the episodes takes place on Earth 2 and the other on Earth 1.

The Flash filmed a motion-captured GRODD in downtown Vancouver before Christmas.

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Later this season, Supergirl and the Flash will film their musical crossover episode Duet, episode 17, where they battle the Music Meister. In DC lore, the Music Meister can hypnotize people by singing in a high register. He uses his power to settle scores with those who bullied him as a child.


The fandoms would loved to see Neil Patrick Harris in the role, but there is no casting yet.

Earlier on Monday, The Flash, Kid Flash and Jesse Quick filmed at BC Place.


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