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SHOOT: ALTERED CARBON’s Joel Kinnaman & Tamara Taylor. Outside in Downtown Vancouver

Joel Kinnaman and Tamara Taylor.


In the 25th century, humans are digitized and can be downloaded into different bodies, making death almost obsolete.

Altered Carbon went outside today in the rain. The Netflix 10-episode adaption of Richard Morgan’s cyberpunk book usually does interiors in Surrey’s Skydance Studios and downtown Vancouver’s former Canada Post Building.

Joel Kinnaman (Suicide Squad) stars as Takeshi Kovacs, the last of the interstellar warriors known as the Envoys, who after 500 years in dark storage has his consciousness downloaded into a new body (sleeve) in the San Francisco of the 25th Century. Kovacs must solve a single murder in a world where death is almost obsolete or return to the eternal darkness of the cortical stack. Martha Higareda is Kristin Ortega, a lieutenant in the Bay City Police Department, who has a special connection with Kovacs’ new sleeve.

Tamara Taylor as Bancroft lawyer.

Where they’re headed.

ac14-2-2 ac23-2

In between takes.


It’s not Joel Kinnaman’s first time in the rain in Vancouver.

The Killing.



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