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SHOOT: ARROW’s Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) in West Vancouver’s Whytecliff Park as Lian Yu

arrow wc14-2

Arrow in Whytecliff Park. The craggy West Vancouver park usually plays Lian Yu, Oliver Queen’s Island prison and ARGUS’s supermax prison. So what is Oliver Queen doing there with Bratva Pakhan Anatoly Knyazev? Arrow flashbacks are expected to sync up at the end of season five with Oliver Queen’s rescue by fishermen in the north China sea the season one premiere. Is this how he got back there?


arrow wp-3 arrow wp27-2

arrow wp57-2-2

arrow wp53-4arrow wp62-2

arrow wp55-2

arrow wp2-2

Think of this as a metaphor for the impending retirement / death of the flashback wig.

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