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SEASON 2: BEYOND With Burkely Duffield & Dilan Gwyn Starts Filming Season 2 in Vancouver Today

Beyond binge-watchers. You’ll have to wait until the ten new episodes are shot before season 2 is ready to be binged next January, but filming starts today in Vancouver.

What’s it about? Holden Matthews (Burkely Duffield) is a young man who wakes up from a 12-year-coma and discovers he has supernatural abilities.

As well as adjusting to a world he hasn’t lived in since he was a boy, he learns he has been in something called the Realm for all that time.


Jeff McArdle (Jeff Pierre), brother of Holden’s childhood friend.

Holden’s brother Luke Matthews (Jonathan Whitesell).

Willa Frost (Dilan Gwyn), the estranged daughter of Hollow Sky leader Isaac Frost (Martin Donovan), who knows Holden from his coma.

Holden Matthews (

Holden’s parents Tom (Michael McGrady) and Dianne Matthews (Romy Rosemount).

Upgraded to series regular in season 2:

Charlie Singer (Eden Brolin), who was in a four-year coma like Holden and woke up as a math savant.

Season 1 ended with Holden reluctantly agreeing to escort Willa’s father Isaac Frost into the Realm.

Willa goes after him.

In the Realm.

Where Holden meets his younger self.

On location in the Fraser Valley. Beyond images.


Freeform’s streaming success starts filming today and is expected to wrap mid-August (date subject to change) in metro Vancouver.


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