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SET SALE: BATES MOTEL Auction Continues Through May 5th – Norma’s Mercedes, Bates Motel Sign, Norma & Norman’s Gravestone.

Bates Motel fans are a macabre bunch. Norma Bates’s Mercedes is leading the online auction with bids of US$13,000 followed by the neon Bates Motel sign with bids of  US$3,700. But after that it’s Norma & Norman’s gravestone at US$1,600, Norman’s taxidermied Juno at US$900, Norman’s rubber Psycho knife at US$700, Marion’s motel room key at US$700 and Ms. Watson’s used pearl necklace at US$225.

The Bates Motel online auction began after Monday’s series finale and ends this Friday, May 5th.

Register at the Official Auction site.

Current bids as of Saturday, April 29th.

Norma’s Mercedes car US$13,000

Bates Motel sign US$3,700

Norma & Norman’s Gravestone US$1,600

Norma’s Vanity US$1,600

Bates Motel Signed Guest Book US$1,400

Norma’s tiara US$900

Norman’s taxidermied Juno US$900

Norma’s Blue Castle Dress UA$800

Norman’s Rubber Psycho Knife US$700

Marion’s Motel Room Key US$700

Bates Motel signed final script US$400

Motel Door No. 1 – Marion’s Room US$300

Ms Watson’s Used Pearl Necklace US$225

Emma’s Oxygen Tank US$200

Bates Motel brochures and notepad US$175

Norma’s Driver’s Licence US$175

Norman’s St. Sebastian Hospital ID Badge US$150

Norma’s Goodbye Note to Romero US$150





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