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FINAL SEASON: Boys Night Out on ONCE UPON A TIME. Rogers (Colin O’Donoghue), Henry (Andrew J. West) & Nick (Nathan Parsons)

Update: Operation Bromance at Flynn’s Arcade.

Boys Night Out on Once Upon a Time.

It’s rare to see the men bonding in season 7.

Tonight Colin O’Donoghue as Detective Rogers/Wish Hook, Andrew J. West as Henry Mills and Nathan Parsons as Nick Branson/Jack emerge laughing from Flynn’s Arcade in New Westminster as Hyperion Heights. Rogers and Nick shake hands and the trio leave in separate cars — Detective Rogers’s, Henry’s Prius and Nick’s BMW.

Who is Nick Branson? The cursed identity of Jack — a Seattle lawyer Jacinda thinks is Lucy’s father instead of Lucy’s real father Henry.

It’s complicated.

Andrew J. West meets a fan at set.

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