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RENEWED: Eric McCormack Announces Netflix’s TRAVELERS Season 3 Which Starts Filming in Vancouver on March 26th

Netflix officially renewed Travelers for season 3 today.

Star Eric McCornack announced it from Vancouver.

What he wrote:

Before I was Will Truman again, I was a Traveler. And I am so excited to be able to tell our fans, worldwide, that Brad Wright’s subtle and stunning sci-fi drama is back for a third season. I am so proud of this show, particularly that it’s all-Canadian. From our devoted Vancouver crew, to an uber-talented young cast who hail from Alberta, BC, Manitoba and Ontario, to my producing partners and our Toronto roots, Travelers is a series as Canadian in its creation, as it is global in scope. I am counting the days ‘til I return, not just as Special Agent Grant MacLaren, and as a producer, but as the director of the 3rd season premiere. Travelers will continue to be unwavering in its dedication to Canadian talent, and in its drive to be one of the strongest, most binged shows on Netflix.

Eric McCormack is directing the season three premiere which starts filming March 26th in Vancouver.

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Travelers is about people from the distant future who can project their consciousness back in time and into unsuspecting people just before their recorded death. Not only do they take over the body, they assume the life using digital records and social media to learn what they’re getting into.

Why do they do this? To change history and save the world from a future where the Earth’s population has dwindled to almost nothing.

The travelers quickly discover that the lives and emotional connections that come with the new bodies are as much a challenge as their missions.

The first two seasons had Showcase as the Canadian partner but season 3 will debut exclusively on Netflix worldwide.

Wrapping season 2 in metro Vancouver.

The Original Travelers.

Philip Pearson/Traveler 3326 (Reilly Dolman).

Carly Shannon/Traveler 3465 (Nesta Marlee Cooper).

FBI agent Grant MacLaren/Traveler 3468 (Eric McCormack).

Marcy Warton/Traveler 3569 (Mackenzie Porter).

Trevor Holden/Traveler 0115 (Jared Paul Abrahamson).

Other characters:

David (SG1’s Patrick Gilmore).

Travelers creator and showrunner Brad Wright also created Stargate: Atlantis and SG1 which filmed in Vancouver for years.

Travelers was one of Netflix’s Top 10 shows to devour in 2017.

Travelers season 3 is scheduled to film from March 26th to July 5th (dates subject to change) this year.

Source: Eric McCormack, BC Production List.

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