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SEASON 14: Jo (Danneel Harris Ackles) & Cas (Misha Collins) on SUPERNATURAL Set For Game Night

Supernatural Season 14.

Jo & Cas

Supernatural season 14  hasn’t been Sam & Dean Winchester in every episode. We’ve seen other pairings: Sam & Jody. Dean & Jack. Sam & Charlie. Dean & Donna. Sam & Cas. And now Jo & Cas.

Here’s Sister Jo (Danneel Harris Ackles) walking away from Castiel (Misha Collins) at a pawn shop in New Westminster, transformed into Orlando’s Emporium for episode 14×17 Game Night.

Apart from a morning Jo & Cas exterior in the alley, the action was inside until the evening. That’s when Danneel Harris Ackles and Misha Collins came over to greet the fans gathered across the street.

Jo illustrated.

Danneel Harris Ackles arrives bundled up in a winter coat.

She lost the coat but held onto an umbrella during rehearsal.

Running back to the umbrella between takes.

 Lots of laughs on set.

Danneel Harris Ackles has been Instagram -ing from Vancouver. She brought the kids up from Austin, Texas, in time for a  BC snowstorm. Not only did they get to spend the week with Mom and Dad in the snow, they sat in the Impala on Valentine’s Day.

Jensen Ackles instagram.

Orlando’s Emporium.

Episode 14×17 Game Night.

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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