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EVENT: SUPERNATURAL’s Jensen Ackles, Jacob Tremblay, SABRINA’s Ross Lynch & More in Vancouver Whitecaps Match

Legends & Stars

Are you ready for the one, the only Jensen Ackles to take the field?

No one was prepared for what happened next.

Um this isn’t rugby, Jensen Ackles — Vancouver Whitecaps.

Vancouver Whitecaps image.


The Supernatural star did have some footie skills, too.

The stars.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’s Ross Lynch and Jensen Ackles enter B.C. Place.

Two Captains. One coin toss. Jacob Tremblay & Jensen Ackles.

An exhausted Jensen Ackles and The 100’s Richard Harmon after their first shift.

Ross Lynch makes friends wherever he goes.

The 100’s Marie Avgeropoulos on the field.

She knocks down Jacob Tremblay.

Who milks it.


Supernatural cheering section with Briana Buckmaster.

Brad Creasser.

A chill Jensen Ackles at the end.

Captain Jensen Ackles’s white team beat Captain Jacob Tremblay’s blue team 5-4, not counting Jensen’s rugby goal



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Game face on! Suited up! #LetsGo #VWFC

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thanks for having me @whitecapsfc

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Two teams.





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