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FINAL SEASON: Where’s Bellamy? THE 100 Season 7 Premiere Sets Up Mystery To Explain Bob Morley’s Absence

The 100


Where did Bellamy go? We see him in tonight’s opening scene yelling for his sister Octavia, who disappeared in his arms at the end of season 6.

But mysterious cloaked figures knock him out and drag him through the Anomaly. Who captured him, where did they take him and when will we see him again?

We won’t see Bellamy anytime soon apparently because Bob Morley asked to take some time off in the final season and showrunner Jason Rothenberg honoured the request by setting up the disappearance of Bellamy Blake to explain Morley’s absence.

“It’s the mystery people are trying to solve. It’s the thing that’s going to be driving so many of our characters this season — to find him and hopefully save him,” Rothenberg told TVLine.

We will see Bellamy (and Bob Morley) again.


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