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REOPENING: THE 100’s Jessica Harmon is Directing TV Movie NEVERBRIDES This July in Vancouver

Reopening Hollywood North

The 100’s Jessica Harmon goes behind the camera next week to direct romance NeverBrides in Vancouver.

She’s one of several Canadian directors busy at work on eighteen TV movies filming in British Columbia this summer  — in the Covid era of production.

Her prolific father Allan Harmon is directing Christmas romance Jingle Bell Bride at the same time.

One TV romance — For Better or Worse — has already wrapped in Kelowna.

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Seven more romances  — Wedding Every Weekend, Kite Festival of Love, Beverly Hills Wedding, Love N Romance, Oregon, Destination Wedding, My One True Love and NeverBrides — are shooting this summer.

Add eight Christmas movies — Christmas Forgiveness, Chateau Christmas, A Christmas in Nashville, Deliver it by Christmas, Jingle Bell Bride, A Christmas Tree Grows in Brooklyn, The Christmas Yule Blog and Cranberry Christmas  — to the production list. Not even a pandemic can stop this BC Film industry tradition.

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Plus Lifetime movie Practice to Deceive and the latest Aurora Teagarden Mystery.

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Almost all of the TV movies have Canadian directors and crews. Any cast, directors, creators or crew from outside Canada have to do the government-mandated 14-day quarantine before heading to set.


TV Movies.


For Better or Worse.

Director: David I. Strasser from Vancouver.

Dates: June 8th to 23rd.

Five more TV movies —  Christmas Forgiveness, Wedding Every Weekend, Kite Festival of Love, Beverly Hills Wedding and Love N Romance, Oregon — started shooting in June.

Christmas Forgiveness

Director: Lucie Guest from Vancouver.

Dates: June 22nd to July 10th.

Wedding Every Weekend

Director: Kevin Fair from Vancouver.

Dates: June 22nd to July 13th.

Circus for Wedding Every Weekend.

Kite Festival of Love

Director: Christie Will Wolf from Toronto.

Dates: June 26th to July 17th.

Beverly Hills Wedding

Director: Paul Ziller from Toronto.

Dates: June 29th to July 19th

Love N Romance, Oregon

Director: Danny J. Boyle from the U.S.

Shooting in Kelowna.

June 29th to July 15th.

Ten other romances and Christmas movies get underway in July.

Destination Wedding

Director: Jason James from Vancouver.

Dates: July 2nd to 17th.

My One True Love

Director: Heather Hawthorn Doyle from Vancouver.

Dates: July 2nd to July 17th.

Chateau Christmas

Director: Michael Robison from Toronto.

Shooting in Whistler.

July 6th to 25th.

A Christmas in Nashville.

Director: Tibor Takacs from Toronto.

July 8th to 28th

Deliver it by Christmas

Directos: Terry Ingram from Vancouver.

July 13th to August 1st.


Director: Jessica Harmon from Vancouver.

July 13th to July 31st.

Jingle Bell Bride

Director: Allan Harmon from Vancouver.

July 16th to August 3rd.

A Christmas Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Director: Jason Bourque from Vancouver.

July 20th to August 8th.

The Christmas Yule Blog

Director: David Winning from Vancouver.

Shooting in Kelowna.

July 20th to August 8th.

Cranberry Christmas

Director: Linda-Lisa Hayter.

July 27th to August 17th.

Lifetime’s Practice To Deceive.

A small island is community turned upside down when a local businessman is found dead the day after Christmas. The film follows an investigation into his death that looks at everyone in his life from neighbors to his wife to his best friend.

Director: Ashley Williams.

July 8th to 24th.

And the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries series is back filming mid-July.

Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Reunited and It Feels So Deadly

Director: Martin Wood from Vancouver.

July 16th to 29th.


Source: DGC-BC Production List.




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