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SPINOFF: Becca’s Back. THE 100 Airs Prequel on July 8th Which Could Lead to Spinoff Series.

The 100 Prequel

Discover How The End Began.

The 100 goes back to the past next week to the first nuclear apocalypse on Earth for prequel episode Anaconda, an episode that could lead to a spinoff series — The 100: Second Dawn.

Praimfaya in 2052.


Becca Franco (Erica Cerra) is the scientist who created A.L.I.E. in 2051.

Nuclear apocalypse in 2052.

Bill Cadogen (John Pyper-Ferguson), founder of the Second Dawn cult in 2052.

Cadagon’s wife Gemma (Crystal Balint) and daughter Callie (Iola Evens).

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The prequel starts with the first nuclear apocalypse — 97 years before  our The 100 are sent down from the failing Ark to see if it’s time to return to the groumd.

And follows an original band of survivors on the ground while they fight to create a society in a dangerous world.

Iola Evens as Callie.

The prequel stars Iola Evens as “whip-smart and passionate with a rebellious streak to boot” Callie, who’s  spent her life fighting for causes and is now  looking for a new purpose on post-apocalyptic Earth.


Adain Bradley is Callie’s “hard-working and headstrong” brother Reese, who’s spent his life in competition with his sister and now must figure out what lines he’s willing to cross to come out on top.

Leo Howard is “rebellious and passionate musician” August, who was part of  a radical environmentalist group dedicated to saving the planet by any means necessary, but feels a little lost now that everything he had been fighting for is gone.

Leo Howard as August.


Clarke and Co. on Bardo.

Back to the Past: the Cadagon family on Earth in 2052.

Adain Bradley as Reese, Iola Evans as Callie and Crystal Balint as Gemma.

Nicole Munoz as Lucy and Iola Evans as Callie.

Sister and Brother. Iola Evans as Callie and Adain Bradley as Reese.


Craig Arnold as Tristan, Adain Bradley as Reese and Iola Evens as Callie.

Anaconda is the title of the backdoor pilot but won’t be the title of the new series if The CW goes ahead with it.

The new series title is expected to be The 100: Second Dawn.

When the The CW announced its 2020-21 schedule in mid-May, President Mark Pedowitz said both The 100 prequel and Arrow spinoff Green Arrow and the Canaries remain in contention for a series pickup.

The 100’s  final season airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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