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CHANGE: Arrowverse To CWverse? The CW Rebrands Its Super-Hero Shows After ARROW’s End.

Arrowverse to CWverse?

How can it be anything but the Arrowverse when these heroes are yelling — For Oliver?

The CW released a rebranding trailer for its super hero shows calling them the CWverse, while paying tribute to the one that started it all.

From One Hero. An Entire Universe. Was Born.

Arrow star Stephen Amell weighed in. He calls it the Berlantiverse after uber producer Greg Berlanti, who created all of these shows except Stargirl.

Former Arrow showrunner Marc Guggenheim.

The Flash formed the Justice League at the end of crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths with an empty chair for the Green Arrow.

The Shows.

Films in Vancouver.

The Flash Season 7 Premieres January 2021.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 Premieres Spring/Summer of 2021.

Supergirl Season 6 Premieres Spring/Summer of 2021.

Batwoman Season 2 Premieres January 2021.

Superman & Lois Season One Premieres January 2021.

Films in Atlanta.

Black Lightning. Season 4 Premieres January 2021.

Stargirl Season 2 Premieres Spring/Summer of 2021. Created by Geoff Johns.

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