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MOVIE: Kafkaesque Comedy CORNER OFFICE With Jon Hamm, Danny Pudi , Sarah Gadon & Christopher Heyerdahl Filming in Vancouver

Corner Office

Corner Office, an absurdist, Kafkaesque office comedy, is filming in Vancouver with Jon Hamm starring as the compulsive bureaucrat who discovers a secret room.

The film adaption of Jonas Karlsson’s cult novel The Room is in its third week of production.

Filming dates: February 8th to March 10th.

Filming in Bridge Studios.

Cast: Jon Hamm, Danny Pudi, Sarah Gadon and Christopher Heyerdahl.

Jon Hamm is Orson a compulsive bureaucrat trying to make his way up in the world while working in a soulless corporate office that’s ruled by conformity. There, Orson discovers a secret room that everyone else refuses to admit the existence of, threatening Orson’s entire microcosm.

Danny Pudi is Rakesh, a man with whom Orson must share a desk and whose messy pile of work constantly threatens to topple over to Orson’s side.

Sarah Gadon is Alyssa, a charming receptionist who has managed to catch Orson’s eye and brings a flicker of colour into his life.

Christopher Heyerdahl is Andrew, Orson’s well-meaning boss who finds himself in over his head dealing with Orson’s….intellect.

Writer: Ted Kupper

Director: Joachim Back.

Director of Photography: Panel Edelman.

Adapted from Jonas Karlsson’s The Room.

Producer: Theodore Melfi of Goldenlight Films, Raymond Fortier and Terry Williston are executive producing, while the producer credits are shared by Tilt9 Entertainment’s Dylan Collingwood, Robert Mitchell, Matt Clarke, and David Milchard, Luke Rivett for Anonymous Content, and in association with Space Pilot Media’s Oliver Ridge and Andrew Harvey.


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