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SUPERMAN & LOIS’s Tyler Hoechlin & Bitsie Tulloch at The CW Upfront

SUPERMAN & LOIS’s Tyler Hoechlin & Bitsie Tulloch at The CW Upfront

Superman & Lois stars Tyler Hoechlin and Bitsie Tulloch took the stage early at The CW Upfront today.

On the press line:

Their TV son Alex Garfin makes a good point….

The duo were #3 in the lineup, after Jared Padalecki’s Walker and new prequel series Walker: Independence.

But this was no superhero Upfront. The CW gave early renewals to just two DC shows — The Flash and Superman & Lois — and then cancelled three — veteran Legends of Tomorrow, Batwoman and freshman Naomi. (DC’s Stargirl from Geoff Johns is neither renewed nor cancelled with season 3 held for the fall.)

Where was the Flash at the Upfront?

The CW’s DC Universe “is not as robust as we were in years past”, CEO Mark Pedowitz said in an understatement.

But he pointed out that a new DC series Gotham Knight from Greg Berlanti will launch mid-season.

We started with one, which was Arrow 10 years ago, and we have now moved on to create a whole bunch of superheroes  and we are proud of it. We plan to stay in this business no matter what the outcomes is in the event of a sale [of the network]or no sale. I think the Warner side realizes the value of having these properties up, DC Comics realizes the value of what it does for their marketability in terms of what these franchise are. Legends created a whole new life for characters that may not have even existed or [been] used . . .they had not seen the light of day. We have brought enormous value to DC and Warner Bros. in terms of realization of the universe Greg Berlanti and his team have created. –Mark Pedowitz.

But it’s not up to him. The new Warner Bros-Discovery bosses want to cull their DC shows and create a more integrated DCEU like Marvel’s. It was their decision to cancel Legends of Tomorrow and Batwoman, rather than renew leases on studio space in Vancouver, according to The Hollywood Reporter. And to cancel DC movie The Wonder Twins with KJ Apa not long after it was announced.

Does this mean The Flash will come to an end with season 9?

We have not any determination whether this may be the final season – Mark Pedowitz.

The CW boss plans to have a sit-down meeting with The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace and uber-producer Greg Berlanti to discuss the show’s future, according to Deadline.

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