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WHEN CALLS THE HEART Coming Back for Season 10 of Filming in Vancouver

WHEN CALLS THE HEART Coming Back for Season 10 of Filming in Vancouver

When Calls the Heart with Erin Krakow is coming back for season 10 of filming in Langley/Vancouver as Hope Valley.

Update: Filming dates: July 25 2022 – November 16 2022

The Hallmark Channel renewed its hit series with a new showrunner: Lindsay Sturman from Supergirl.

Cast: Erin Krakow, Jack Wagner, Pascale Hutton, Kavan Smith, Kevin McGarry, Chris McNally, Paul Greene, Andrea Brooks and Martin Cummins.

When Calls the Heart is filmed mainly on the Jamestown set at Macinnes Farms in Langley.

Hope Valley:

14 thoughts on “WHEN CALLS THE HEART Coming Back for Season 10 of Filming in Vancouver”

  1. When Calls the Heart is my most favorite show of ALL time!! And in my 72 years I have seen a lot of shows. There is just something almost magical about the way the writers have woven the story through 9 seasons and I think S10 will be the best!!! Thanks to Hallmark Channel & ALL involved in the production of this amazing show. #Hearties are thankful!!!!

  2. Sooo glad season is coming.
    WCTH is the best show and the whole family can watch it. Can’t wait for season 10.
    I love ❤️ all the actors and all
    The story lines. Best show on TV.

    1. Soo happy WCTH is coming back for season ten!!! Great
      Show best on TV. The whole family can watch it. I love ❤️ all the actors and their story lines.

  3. So glad for Season 10 of WCTH! It is such a wholesome show that I have watched faithfully from the beginning! God Bless You All! ❤️✝️🙋‍♀️🙏🥰🫶🫶👒😍🙏🙏🙏✝️✝️✝️❤️❤️❤️☕️‼️🛐💕💕💐💐🛐

  4. It was such a happy day to hear that WCTH was renewed. Now the cast listed includes Paul Greene. I hope that is accurate and we will see Dr. Carson back with us. AND I can’t wait for all the excitement with Elizabeth and Lucas getting married (!?) and Rosemary being pregnant. Oh, it’s going to be such a wonderful season.

  5. Soooo excited we are getting a season 10 love love this this programme by far best on tv
    Thank you HALLMARK thank you so much
    Was hopeing we might get a christmas special and see lucas and elizabeth in Hamilton for christmas

  6. So excited. Just met Brian Bird at a Hearties weekend (Musical version of WCTH in Nappanee IN) along with others like Elliot Wallace from Edify & amazing Janette Oke who started the whole thing with her book. I am so grateful to Brian & Michael for creating this wonderful gift to us, much needed in our days!

  7. I love When Calls The Heart, especially looking forward to Season 10. It’s the very best program on TV. The whole cast, crew and writers are awesome. It is refreshing to be able to watch an uplifting show in the times we live in. The Lucas and Elizabeth love story is great. Heck, I love them all. Thanks to Hallmark for giving us another season.

  8. I absolutely love “When Calls the Heart” show and am so excited to hear season 10 will start filming soon. I am totally hooked on this show and continue to watch the reruns from seasons 1 to 9. I love how everyone is so close to one another, friendly and help each other out when needed. Thank you Hallmark for an awesome show, season 10 and hopefully many more.

  9. Albina Marie Hampton (nee Bouchard)

    Love, love, love this show. What a wonderful way to start the day. Wish it was on the weekend as well!
    Even my two Yorkie’s sit and actually watch the show with me. Definitely reminds me of life when I was a young girl on the farm in Manitoba in the 50’s. Hope there’s many more season’s to come.

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