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AMC’s STRAIGHT MAN Series With Bob Odenkirk Filming in Vancouver This Fall

AMC’s STRAIGHT MAN Series With Bob Odenkirk Filming in Vancouver This Fall

From small-time lawyer to big-time criminal defense attorney to University English Department chairman, Bob Odenkirk’s next AMC series Straight Man is filming in Vancouver this Fall.

Vancouver filming dates: September 06 2022 – December 13 2022

William Henry Devereaux, Jr. , spiritually suited to playing left field but forced by a bad hamstring to try first base, is the unlikely chairman of the English department at West Central Pennsylvania University. Over the course of a single convoluted week, he threatens to execute a duck, has his nose slashed by a feminist poet, discovers that his secretary writes better fiction than he does, suspects his wife of having an affair with his dean, and finally confronts his philandering elderly father, the one-time king of American Literary Theory, at an abandoned amusement park.

Straight Man is adapted from the Richard Russo novel. 

Showrunners: Aaron Zelman, Paul Lieberstein

Cast: Bob Odenkirk.

Director: Peter Farrelly.

Producers: Muse Entertainment, Tristar Entertainment, AMC Entertainment.

Over six acclaimed seasons, Better Call Saul tells the story of the transformation of small-time public defender Jimmy McGill into meglomaniac criminal defence attorney Saul Goodman.

From small-time lawyer Jimmy McGill.

To big-time criminal defence attorney Saul Goodman.

Better Call Saul series finale airs August 15th on AMC.

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