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Hallmark’s Rodeo Dynasty Series RIDE With Tiera Skovbye Starts Filming in Calgary

Hallmark’s rodeo dynasty series Ride starts filming in Calgary, with Tiera Skovbye as the widowed former rodeo queen Missy McMurray.

Calgary filming dates: August 04 2022 – November 23 2022.

Ride follows the lives of the McMurrays, part of a rodeo dynasty going back a generation, as they struggle to keep their beloved ranch afloat in Colorado. Three strong women – widowed rodeo queen Missy (Tiera Skovbye), matriarch Isabel (Nancy Travis) and former teen run-away Valeria (Sara Garcia) – resolve to save their land, come what may.

Showrunners: Rebecca Boss & Chris Masi and Sherri Cooper-Landsman

Cast: Tiera Skovbye, Nancy Travis, Sara Garcia, Beau Mirchoff, Jake Foy, Tyler Jacob Moore.

Tiera Skovbye is the widowed, former rodeo queen Missy, who’s a McMurray by marriage.

Nancy Travis is Isabel, the tough-as-nails McMurray matriarch.

Sara Garcia is Valeria McMurray, a former teen run-away.

Beau Mirchoff is Cash McMurray, the second-born son who’s expected to carry on the family legacy.

Jake Foy is Tuff McMurray, Isabel’s youngest son.

Tyler Jacob Moore is Gus, a stranger who comes in their lives.

Producers: Seven24Films, Intelite Entertainment, Circle of Confusion, PDM Entertainment, Hallmark Channel.

Ride premieres on the Hallmark Channel in 2023.

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