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Season 3 of RESIDENT ALIEN With Alan Tudyk as Harry Starts Filming in B.C.

Season 3 of RESIDENT ALIEN With Alan Tudyk as Harry Starts Filming in B.C.

Harry’s back in B.C. Syfy’s shortened season 3 of Resident Alien with Alan Tudyk starts filming today.

Harry is an alien passing himself off as a human who’s made some friends in the small town of Patience, Colorado.

Filming dates: January 30 2023 – May 02 2023.

Season 1 : 10 episodes.

Season 2: 16 episodes, which aired in two batches of 8 episodes. 

Season 3: Cut from 12 to 8 episodes

Showrunner: Chris Sheridan.

Cast: Alan Tudyk, Sara Tomko,o Alice Wetterlund,, Corey Reynolds, Elizabeth Bowen, Levi Fiehler, Judah Preh, Linda Hamilton. 

Season 3 cast read through.

Where did we leave Resident Alien at the end of season 2?

Harry said goodbye to his alien-hybrid baby, belatedly named Bridget because it’s a bridge between humanity and whatever Harry’s alien race is.

Harry revealed he’s an alien: to D’Arcy, after she linked him to Sam Hodge’s murder.

New roomies Asta and D’arcy.

Mayor Ben Hawthorne was abducted by the evil alien race the Greys and saw a human fetus growing in an incubation chamber on the ship — actually his child taken from Kate’s womb.

Harry the alien and General McAllister formed an unlikely partnership to stop the Greys.

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