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Lance Reddick Has Died at Age 60: Vancouver Got to Know Him During His Years on FRINGE

Lance Reddick died much, much too soon on Friday at age 60.

His wife Stephanie Reddick thanked all the fans, colleagues and friends for the outpouring of love for the actor.

Lance Reddick was in Vancouver not that long ago to play Zeus on Disney+’s upcoming Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.

And years before, Reddick spent four seasons in Vancouver playing agent Philip Broyles on Fringe.

He was known for being generous and gracious with Fringe fans who flocked to sets.

Reddick’s role on Fringe actually led to his casting in the John Wick franchise, he told Vulture.

Other series included his breakout role on The Wire, Prime Video’s Bosch and Netflix’s Resident Evil.

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