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CTV’s Nova Scotia-Filmed SULLIVAN’S CROSSING Premieres on The CW

The CW gets its own Virgin River tonight with CTV’s Nova Scotia-filmed Sullivan’s Crossing. adapted from the bestselling novels by Robyn Carr and starring Morgan Kohan, Chad Michael Murray and Scott Patterson.

Doctor Maggie Sullivan (Morgan Kohan) has her life perfectly on track: she is recognized as one of the Country’s up and coming neurosurgeons to watch. However, her world is turned upside down when her new business partner at their thriving private practice is indicted for fraud and she finds herself being sued for negligence.

Needing to clear her head and calm her nerves, she leaves Boston and travels back home to Nova Scotia to stay with her estranged father (Scott Patterson) at his campground: Sullivan’s Crossing. 

Complicating matters is the irritating mysterious newcomer, Cal Jones (Chad Michael Murray), whose presence in Sullivan’s Crossing ultimately will lead Maggie to question her carefully laid plans. 

Developed by CTV, Sullivan’s Crossing was the #1 new Canadian drama in season one and got an early renewal, with production on season 2 starting in Halifax last month.

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Chad Michael Murray is a big fan of the location:

Because we shoot in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and I will tell you, this place is magic. Sullivan’s is a place; it is a destination. It is a character in the show, very much like another show that I did. It feels like home. — Chad Michael Murray to TV Insider.

The landscape is pristine and so picturesque. We’ve got a little urban here, and we’ve got a lot of nature, and there’s a lot of places for these characters to heal and to cleanse themselves. It’s quite something. It really is. It’s a hidden gem. — Chad Michael Murray to TV Insider.

When you’re on set, and you’re filming, and you look out, and you’re like, “I cannot believe that this is where you go to work,” it’s quite something. You’re on a lake, and the crew’s taking a swim in the lake during lunch, and everyone’s just laying out and breathing in the fresh air and looking at the landscape. It’s gorgeous. It really is. — Chad Michael Murray to TV Insider.

Sullivan’s Crossing Season 2:

Halifax filming dates: September 01 2023 – December 15 2023.

Episodes: 10.

Showrunner: Roma Roth.

Cast: Morgan Kohan, Chad Michael Murray, Scott Patterson, Tom Jackson, Andrea Menard, Lindura, Amalia Williamson, Lola Gunderson, Reid Price, Alan Hawco, Lynda Boyd, Peter Outerbridge, Lauren Hammersley.

Producers: Reel World Management, CTV, Freemantle.

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