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BC-Filmed LOST OLLIE Won 5 at Children’s & Family Emmy Awards

BC and Kentucky-filmed Lost Ollie won five at the Children’s & Family Emmy Awards, including one for Outstanding Lighting Camera and Technical Arts with Vancouver’s own Brad Creasser in Los Angeles. to accept the award.

Brad Creasser’s Instagram.

So this happened! So proud to be a part of a special project like Lost Ollie for Netflix. Tonight we won 5 Emmys including ours for Lighting, Camera and Technical Arts. Proud to share this with Blaine Ackerly, Junichi Hosoi, & Ryan McGregor. Congrats to our entire crew in Vancouver and Kentucky. Thanks [Cinematographer] C. Kim Miles for this opportunity. — Brad Creasser on Instagram.

Misha Collins and other Supernatural cast and crew congratulated their longtime friend::

You should have received multiple Emmy’s for tolerating working with us on supernatural for so many years. The should have a category “prevailing in extreme adversity”. So well-deserved, Brad. Love seeing you soak up the earned accolades. — Misha Collins on Instagram.

What is Lost Ollie?

Lost Ollie is a Netflix family series about a lost toy searching across the countryside for the boy who lost him and the story of the boy who lost more than a best friend.

Jonathan Graff voiced the stitched-together toy rabbit Ollie in the series which dropped August 24th, 2022 on Netflix.

Mary J. Blige voiced the raggedy teddy bear Rosy and Blake Nelson voiced the old clown doll Zozo..

Episodes: 4.

Writer/Producer: Shannon Tindle.

Cast: Jonathan Graff, Mary J. Blige, Tim Blake Nelson, Kesler Talbot, Gina Rodriguez, Jake Johnson.

Live-action Actors:

Kesler Talbot is Billy. Gina Rodriguez is Billy’s Momma Sharon. Jake Johnson is Billy’s Daddy James.

Director: Peter Ramsey

Director of Photography: C. Kim Miles.

Lost Ollie is inspired by the book Ollie’s Odyssey.

Filming in Vancouver.

Ladner’s Dragonfly Antique & Salvage in Delta as Flossie’s Thrift Store, the resale shop Ollie finds himself in.

Producers:: Shawn Levy, Josh Barry, Emily Morris, Brandon Oldenburg , Lampton Enochs.

Brad Creasser’s Instagram.

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