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CBC’s ALLEGIANCE With Supinder Wraich as Sikh Rookie Cop in Surrey: Trailer

When the lines of duty are blurred which side will you choose?

New CBC series Allegiance, starring Supinder Wraich as a Sikh rookie cop in Surrey caught between loyalty to her badge, her family and her country, premieres February 7th.

Allegiance filmed in Surrey and Vancouver from mid-September to December last year..

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Allegiance follows Sabrina Sohal, (Supinder Wraich) a star rookie police officer who must grapple with the limits of the justice system as she fights to exonerate her politician father Ajeet Sohal (Stephen Lobo). 

Sohal serves her diverse hometown of Surrey alongside Vince Brambilla (Enrico Colantoni), a veteran training officer who sees her potential but doesn’t always agree with her forward-thinking methods. 


Episodes: 10.

Vancouver/Surrey filming dates: September 11 2023 – December 21 2023.

Creator: Anar Ali

Showrunners: Mark Ellis, Stephanie Morgenstern.

Director: David Frazee directed the series premiere.

Cast: Supinder Wraich, Enrico Colantoni, Stephen Lobo, Adolyn H. Dar, Brian Markinson, David Cubitt

CBC image.

Producers: Lark Productions, Universal International Studios. 

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