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REACHER Season 2 Hit #2 on Nielsen’s Overall Top 10 Streaming in its Premiere Week

The Big Guy. Man-Mountain. Mountain Range. Mountain of Muscle,. Land Mass of a Man, Size XXL.

Reacher’s bigger, badder season 2 premiere of its first three episodes broke big on the Nielsen Overall Streaming chart at #2. with 1.69 billion minutes viewed in the U.S. during the December 11th to 17th week.

#1 in Streaming Original Series.

The 6’4″ Reacher star Alan Ritchson also went badder and bigger in season 2, breaking 240 lbs in time to play ex-military cop Jack Reacher for a second time.

Season 2 is adapted from the 11th book in Lee Child’s best-selling book series titled Bad Luck and Trouble about members of Reacher’s old military unit turning up dead.

Reacher is pulled from his vagabond life by a coded message informing him that a member of the 110th – his elite group of Army Special Investigators – has been murdered. He and some of his former military cohorts reunite to investigate and soon realize the case is bigger than they ever could have imagined.

Alan Ritchson promised us that season 2 would be bigger with a giant slate at the start of production in Toronto/Hamilton..

He wasn’t kidding.

In the premiere, Reacher punches a carjacker through a minivan window..

You’ve been car jacked right. Don’t turn around. This won’t take long — Reacher..

I need a new jacket. — Reacher.

What’s wrong with the one you just bought — sales clerk.

It has blood on it. — Reacher.

In episode 2, Reacher kicks the front bumper of an SUV so hard that the airbag deploys, almost breaking the nose of the NYPD detective (Domenick Lombardozzii) inside.

Look at this f*ckin beaut. What does he think he’s going to do?

Episode 3:

After the 1110th special investigators walk into an ambush, Reacher chases down a New Age Technologies exec driving by, who goes into cardiac arrest when Reacher pulls him from his car. Reacher gives the man CPR but he dies — from the heart attack or Reacher’s chest compressions?

Reacher Season 2:

Hamilton/Toronto filming dates: September 23 2022 – February 24 2023.

Working title: CHIMP.

Episodes: 8.

Showrunner: Nick Santora. 

Cast: Alan Ritchson, Maria Sten, Shaun Sipos,, Serinda Swan, Ferdinand Kingsley, Rory Cochrane.

You do not mess with the Special Investigators.

Maria Sten as Reacher’s old army buddy Frances Neagley is back.

Victoria’s own Shaun Sipos plays David O’Donnell, who served with Reacher in the 110th, the Army’s unit of Special Investigators, and is like a brother to Reacher.

Guest stars: Domenick Lombardozzii Lochlyn Munro,, Luke Bilyk, Dean McKenzie, Edsson Morales, Andres Collantes, Shannon Kook-Chun, Ty Victor Olsson, Josh Blacker, Al Sapienza.

Producers: Skydance Television, Paramount Television, Amazon Studios.

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