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Alan Ritchson Filming PLAYDATE in Vancouver While REACHER Season 3 On Hiatus in Toronto

Alan Ritchson will be shooting the Dads action movie Playdate with Kevin James in Vancouver while season 3 of his hit series Reacher is on hiatus in Toronto.

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Reacher stopped production on season 3 in Toronto ahead of Valentine’s Day and will not restart until after Playdate wraps in Vancouver. Hiatus: February 14 2024 – April 22 2024.

Playdate Feature Film: 

Two stay-at-home dads are at a playdate with their children when something very off turns into a playdate from hell as the two fathers and their sons spend the day trying not to get killed and solve a conspiracy.

Vancouver filming dates: March 11 2024 – April 19 2024

Writer: Neil Goldman.

Director: Luke Greenfield.

Cast: Kevin James, Alan Ritchson.

Producers: Nickel City Pictures, Wide-awake Inc.

Reacher Season 3:

After leaving the US Army as a major in its military police, Jack Reacher (Alan Ritchson) roams the United States taking odd jobs and investigating suspicious and frequently dangerous situations.

In season 3, adapted from the novel Persuader, Reacher comes to the aid of DEA boss Susan Duffy, who has placed one of her agents in jeopardy at a heavily-guarded Maine mansion that is part of a vast criminal enterprise. Reacher goes undercover to rescue the agent and confronts a haunting foe from his past.

Working title: CHIMP

Pre-strike Toronto filming dates: June 19 2023 – July 14 2023.

Post-strike Toronto filming dates: November 20 2023 – February 13 2024.

Toronto hiatus: February 14 2024 – April 22 2024.

Toronto filming dates: April 23 2025 – July 03 2024.

Newfoundland filming dates: July 04 2024 – July 11 2024.

Cast: Alan Ritchson, Maria Sten, Anthony Michael Hall, Sonya Cassidy.

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