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DEATH AND OTHER DETAILS Ends at Whistler BC as the Swiss Alps

With Viktor Sams revealed and the Mediterranean ocean liner SS Varuna sunk, the Death and Other Details finale left its sound stages and went on location to Whistler BC as a wealthy ski resort in the Swiss Alps.

Violett Beene’s Imogene trades in her yellow one-piece swimsuit for a yellow turtleneck and houndstooth snowsuit. For a not-rich assistant and amateur thief, Imogene has the best wardrobe, thanks to costume designer Mandi Line.

Casting call for the November 2022 shoot at Whistler:

That’s where we leave Imogene and her allies — looking at a new dead body and a potential season 2 mystery to solve.

Meanwhile, Mandy Patinkin’s Detective Rufus Cotesworth is writing his second memoir.

Death and other Details:

Working title: Career Opportunities in Murder & Mayhem.

Episode 10.

Vancouver filming dates: August 04 2022 – December 06 2022.

Showrunners: Heidi Cole McAdams, Mike Weiss.

Cast: Violett Beane, Mandy Patinkin, Lauren Patten, Rahul Kohli, Angela Zhou, Hugo Diego Garcia, Pardis Saremi, Linda Emond.

Soundstages: SkyDance Studios in Surrey.

Filming in BC:

Most of the action in Death and other Details took place on the fabulous French Art Deco ocean liner Varuna which had several builds on soundstages at SkyDance studios in Surrey.

Can you spot the clue to Viktor Sam’s identity in the season premiere?

I mean essentially the entire ship became a build. So every piece that you see has been built. The dining room, which was one of my favorite sets, and Sunil’s office, those were complete builds. Corridors, elevators, all the cabins, suites, all the decks, everything were builds. — production designer James Philpott to No Film School.

Flashbacks were filmed mainly on location.

[There are] also stories told through flashbacks, and that was another interesting part of the show. It was outside of the ship, but it was very much part of the show, and we had to make that very beautiful. And obviously, the color palette of those elements was really important as well.production designer James Philpott to No Film School.

Cecil Green Park House on the UBC campus played the Collier house in Seattle (with some CGIed stonework).

Here’s Rahul Kohli as the ship’s owner Sunil Ranja filming in downtown Vancouver as rainy London.

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Frederick Vinas/@Frederick_Vinas image.

Alexander and Main Streets location in Gastown:

Frederick Vinas/@Frederick_Vinas image.

Rahul Kohli as Sunil Ranja in a downtown Vancouver alley as London.

In another flashback, Imogene tries to remember a meeting her mother Kira had outside a diner in Seattle played by Mary’s Diner in Vancouver’s West End on November 9th and 10th.

Joanna Stich / @Joanna_Stich image.
Bianca B /@theBianca_B image.

Other locations in the finale:

Vancouver’s Spanish Banks played Seattle in the past.

A hangar at Delta’s Boundary Bay Airport played Viktor Sams”s headquarters in the present with the private jet parked outside.

A West Vancouver house played Anna Collier’s Seattle house in the present — all that’s left of the Collier fortune.

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