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PLAYDATE With Alan Ritchson & Kevin James: Day 1 in Vancouver

Day 1 of shooting! Alan & Kevin are killing it. — Director Luke Greenfield on Instagram.

Dads action movie Playdate with Reacher’s Alan “Big Guy” Ritchson and Kevin James has started production in Vancouver.

Two stay-at-home dads are at a playdate with their children when something very off turns into a playdate from hell as the two fathers and their sons spend the day trying not to get killed and solve a conspiracy.

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Alan Ritchson is shooting Playdate in Vancouver while season 3 of his hit series Reacher is on hiatus in Toronto.

We wanted to return to comedy for a few years now and have been looking high and low for the right script. I’m happy to say, not only did the perfect screenplay find me, but I get to partner with comedic legend {Kevin James] and filmmaker extraordinaire [Luke Greenfield].

This is gonna be a fun one – a buddy action comedy with unexpected twists and turns, vibrant characters and a ton of heart.  Can’t wait for you to see what we have in store. — Alan Ritchson on his Instagram.

Playdate Feature Film: 

Vancouver filming dates: March 12 2024 – April 19 2024

Writer: Neil Goldman.

Director: Luke Greenfield.

Cast: Alan Ritchson, Kevin James.

Producers: Nickel City Pictures, Wide-awake Inc.

Filming in Vancouver:

Playdate filmed Day 1 at a house on the Boulevard in North Vancouver.


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