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How RESIDENT ALIEN Season 3 Ended: Will There Be A Season 4 In BC?

This is some bullshit — Harry the alien.

Alan Tudyk’s Harry the alien and his baby Bridget are captives of the Grey aliens on their Moon base in the last shot of BC-filmed Resident Alien season 3.

Who’s Harry?

Harry is an alien passing himself off as a human, who’s made some friends in the small town of Patience, Colorado.

So who answered the door at Harry’s cabin? That would be the shape-shifting Mantid, who escaped from the Moon prison and is now in Patience posing as Harry and looking for his next meal.

Young Max (Judah Preh) is the only one who can see the Mantid’s true alien form. Will other citizens of Patience clue in that it’s not their Harry before the Mantid eats them?

We’ll find out in season 4 . . .if Syfy renews the cult comedy.

The odds of renewal improved earlier this year after the world discovered Resident Alien on Netflix — the global streamer licensed the first two seasons and season one ranked in Netflix’s Top 10 TV (English) chart for five consecutive weeks after its February 16th premiere.

Resident Alien Season 3:

Episodes: 8.

Filming dates: January 30 2023 – May 02 2023.

Showrunner: Chris Sheridan.

Cast: Alan Tudyk, Sara Tomko, Alice Wetterlund,, Corey Reynolds, Elizabeth Bowen, Levi Fiehler, Judah Preh, Linda Hamilton, Enver Gjokaj, Edie Patterson.

Enver Gjokaj played a hybrid Grey alien posing as human Joseph Rainier, the new Deputy Sheriff in Patience. 

Edie Patterson played a female Blue Avian alien.

Season 3 cast read through. 

BC filming locations:

Harry’s cabin exteriors are filmed at Minaty Bay on the Sea to Sky Highway. Interiors are filmed in studio.

Ladysmith on Vancouver Island plays Main Street in Patience, but Fort Langley is another more convenient location for the Colorado town.

Fort Langley.

Judah Preh’s Max and Harry in OG alien form walk through Fort Langley as Patience.

Resident Aiien airs on Syfy (and CTV’s Sci-fi channel in Canada).

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