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Kevin James & Alan Ritchson’s PLAYDATE Reveals More Cast

Dads action-comedy Playdate, starring Kevin James and Alan Ritchson, revealed more cast today.

Firefly Lane’s Sarah Chalke, Resident Alien’s Alan Tudyk, Isla Fisher and Stephen Root are part of the ensemble filming in Vancouver.

Kevin James, director Luke Greenfield and Alan Ritchson.

Playdate the Movie Instagram.

Playdate follows down-on-his-luck Brian (Kevin James), who was just fired from his job and becomes an unexpected stay-at-home dad to his 10-year-old son. On his first day, he accepts a playdate invitation from Jeff (Alan Ritchson), another stay-at-home Dad, who turns out to be an unexpected loose cannon. The two fathers and their sons spend the day on the run, facing a deadly conspiracy.

Alan Ritchson shared a set photo with Stephen Root last month.

Alan Ritchson Instagram.

Playdate started filming in Vancouver on March 12th.

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Alan Ritchson describes the buddy action movie.

We wanted to return to comedy for a few years now and have been looking high and low for the right script. I’m happy to say, not only did the perfect screenplay find me, but I get to partner with comedic legend {Kevin James] and filmmaker extraordinaire [Luke Greenfield].

This is gonna be a fun one – a buddy action comedy with unexpected twists and turns, vibrant characters and a ton of heart.  Can’t wait for you to see what we have in store. — Alan Ritchson on his Instagram.

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Alan Ritchson confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that once Playdate wraps in Vancouver on April 19th, he will head back to Toronto to continue filming season 3 of Reacher.


Day 1 of shooting! Alan & Kevin are killing it. — Director Luke Greenfield on Instagram.

Vancouver filming dates: March 12 2024 – April 19 2024

Writer: Neil Goldman.

Director: Luke Greenfield.

Cast: Alan Ritchson, Kevin James, Alan Tudyk, Sarah Chalke, Isla Fisher, Stephen Root, Banks Pierce..

Producers: Nickel City Pictures, Wide-Awake Inc.

Filming in Vancouver:

Playdate filmed Day 1 at a house on the Boulevard in North Vancouver.

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Alan Richson and Kevin James filming Playdate in Maple Ridge on March 22nd at the local Cineplex Odeon as the Most Kiddest Place on Earth.

ChefB (@chefbk11) image.
ChefB (@chefbk11) images.

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