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Sun Sets on SUPERMAN & LOIS Smallville With Tyler Hoechlin

Brian Rose Instagram.

What can I say about this guy….other than simply awesome. I’ve been so lucky over the past few shows to have worked with such incredible talented actors…you know who you are…

Superman & Lois cast and crew are saying goodbye to the Smallville set on the Cloverdale Fairgrounds and to each other, with the series almost wrapped.

Steadi-cam star Brian Rose shared a selfie with Clark Kent himself aka Tyler Hoechlin on the Smallville set.

Brian Rose Instagram.

That’s a “sunset” show wrap of the [Superman & Lois] back lot. Our little town has had many events over the past 4 seasons. Tune in to see what happens in the last two episodes.

Wolé Parks as John Henry Irons and Emmanuelle Chriqui shared goodbye photos from set, too. And Chriqui posted an Instagram story today with her screen daughter Inde Navarrette in a car.

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But there may be new life for this Main Street set with a different series.

Only three more days of filming left and last night things got a little emotional. It was the last day we shot at the backlot., which is the basically Smallville, Kansas . . .we built the entire city where the Gazette and the Victoria May diner [are]. — Bitsie Tulloch in an Instagram story on Friday.

That is the last time we will ever shoot there [but] there is a very prestigious show that is going to be taking it over. I don’t believe I can announce which one but that was kind of exciting to know that it will live on beyond us . .- Bitsie Tulloch in an Instagram story on Friday.

Superman & Lois Final Season:

Episodes: 10.

Flming dates: January 11 2024 – April 23 2024.

Showrunners: Todd Helbing, Brent Fletcher.

Cast: Tyler Hoechlin, Bitsie Tulloch, Alex Garfin, Michael Bishop, Michael Cudlitz.

Recurring:: Wolé Parks, Emmanuelle Chriqui., Inde Navarrette., Erik Valdez, Sofia Hasmik, Taylor Buck, Dylan Walsh, Yvonne Chapman.

Producers: Berlanti Productions, Warner Bros. Television.

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