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SUPERMAN & LOIS Final Season: Shadow Director Alex Garfin

I had the honor this year to shadow [director Gregory Smith] for an episode. What an incredible journey seeing an episode through end to end, and truly knowing what it means to be behind the camera. — Alex Garfin.

Alex Garfin aka Jordan Kent aka Superboy shares his joy about the experience of being a Shadow Director to prolific Superman & Lois director Gregory Smith in the fourth & final season.

Superman & Lois: The world’s most famous superhero (Tyler Hoechlin) and comic books’ most famous journalist (Bitsie Tulloch) face the pressures and complexities that come with balancing work, justice, and parenthood in today’s society.

It’s hard to tell which episode Garfin officially shadow-directed (with his own set chair) but it looks like the Daily Planet flashbacks episode filmed in mid-March — the one where Gregory Smith’s younger and taller brother Douglas plays iconic Daily Planet photographer Jimmy Olsen.

Superman & Lois camera crew with Douglas and Gregory Smith on the Smallville set in Cloverdale.

Gregory Smith Instagram.

On March 20th, Bitsie Tulloch shared some flashback Clark Kent and Lois Lane set photos in the Daily Planet newsroom.

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And at a softball game.

Today Alex Garfin shared one of Clark Kent at a fair — maybe before Garfin’s character Jordan Kent was born?

Superman & Lois is scheduled to wrap production of its series on April 22nd in Vancouver with Gregory Smith back in the Director’s Chair.

Superman & Lois Season 4:

Episodes: 10.

Flming dates: January 11 2024 – April 22 2024.

Showrunners: Todd Helbing, Brent Fletcher.

Cast: Tyler Hoechlin, Bitsie Tulloch, Alex Garfin, Michael Bishop, Michael Cudlitz.

Recurring:: Wolé Parks, Emmanuelle Chriqui., Inde Navarrette., Erik Valdez, Sofia Hasmik, Taylor Buck, Dylan Walsh, Yvonne Chapman.

Producers: Berlanti Productions, Warner Bros. Television.

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